The Guinness Bag

One of my favorite creations is a beer tote made from a Guinness t-shirt from the thrift store, some fluke Wal-Mart fabric, and fused grocery bags.

Behold: The Guinness Bag.

This bag was actually made twice. It started out as a t-shirt bag that was a complete FAIL. I realized too late that I wanted to add a pocket (no big deal, right?) and managed to sew the whole thing together instead of just sewing the pocket to the back of the bag. It was a disaster. I was so frustrated with it that I threw it on a pile and was done with it. Until a friend said to me 'I want a Guinness bag for my husband. I want him to be able to carry beers in it. Maybe it be a little insulated?'

We went to the thrift store looking for another perfect Guinness shirt. No bueno. We looked in two different stores and found nothing. We didn't even find any of the pj pants at Wal-Mart! We stopped by the fabric section and saw this gorgeous green fabric and it came to me: pull the failed Guinness bag apart and remake it into a better, more perfect, and wonderful one. Yes.

I decided to use fused grocery bags because I wanted to have a bit of insulation, protection from leaks, and something super cheap. Since he's had the bag, he said that it kept his beer cold for about 6 hours. That's pretty impressive! I lined the entire bag with the bags and sewed extra sturdy seams to accommodate the weight of the beer.

I'm so happy with how this bag turned out! I used extra parts of the t-shirt and fabric to make the handles. I didn't use a pattern at all - just my own brain powers!

Since posting this bag on my Facebook page, I've had about 10 people ask me if they get me a t-shirt will I make them one, too. :) Absolutely!! Even better? You can head over to our shop and let us know if you want something like this and we'll see what we can do to make it happen!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed making this bag. My friend absolutely loves it and totes it around with him all the time. See? Guys can carry purses. ;) Just kidding!!!!


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