Hello, November.

Hello, November. I like you. So far, you've been pretty nasty to me including a giant mishap with my internet which left me without it for 4 days, a huge and unexpected vet bill, and a cold that can't decide whether it wants to kill me with its ferocity or just go away. Let's try this again, shall we? Until you decide whether we're going to be friends or not, I'll reminisce about some things that happened in October and some things that happened last October, too. That should help me feel better.

Last year we went to a local farm to visit their pumpkin patch with the YF from my church. We had a BLAST. Raj was a bumblebee for Halloween and I was a Browns fan. :) JJ looks so teeny in these pictures. I can't believe she's almost 2!! 
Japanese Maple tree in my front yard - my Brandi Hat (fave fall accessory) - Raj in his Browns Jersey
This year my friend Jess and I took Raj to a different farm and went through the corn maze. It was super muddy, but we had lots of fun. :) Love, love, LOVE my wellies!!
We snagged some fresh caramel apples at the farm this year. Delish. So much so that I forgot to take a picture before it was half eaten. Heh. Sorry!
So there, November. I've done my reminiscing. Let's make up, shall we? Be friends? My dad says the internet guy has been to my house and that it should be working when I get home from work tonight (so glad he was able to be at my house this morning for that event so I didn't have to take off work - thanks Dad!). I'm going to Brandi's to make some more laundry detergent AND fabric softener (yep, that's right, we're homemade goddesses) tonight so I need to be able to have internet to blog about all this stuff! :)

I hope you're all having a great November. I also hope you enjoyed my reminiscing as much as I did. I love fall.


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