Thanksgiving Table

A while ago I found this door and decided it was the PERFECT thing to be turned into a dining room table. My table at the time was actually a kitchen table and I could barely get 6 people at it comfortably. This year I decided to host Thanksgiving and with 8 adults and a toddler eating, I needed a MUCH bigger table. Enter: the door.

I cleaned it up and got to work mixing my chalk paint and started painting. (Make sure that if you do this method you get FLAT paint. It works SO MUCH better than any other paint. I inadvertently was given satin for the end table and I had a much easier time with the flat paint for the table. Very big difference.)

Raj had to help, and little did I know that he helped more than I needed him to:

But that's ok, because my table turned out AWESOME:

Yes, those are leaves in between the glass tabletop and the glass in the door. :) I bought the tabletop glass at North Hill Glass. It was great! Thanks to my awesome neighbor for helping me pick it up!!

And all set for Thanksgiving!

I made the coasters from two pieces of felt. I sort of used the tutorial here, but I didn't do the running stitch around with embroidery thread. I just threw it in my machine and stitched the 'ribs' of the leaf. I started at the top, went to the bottom, turned, went to one side, turned, followed that line back to the bottom, turned, went to the other side, turned, followed that line back to the bottom, then followed the first line to the top. If that doesn't make sense to you, let me know and I'm happy to draw up a diagram for you!

I also made the napkin rings. I simply sewed two rectangle pieces of fabric right sides together, leaving a gap for turning. Turned them, pressed, and then top stitched around to give it stability. Then I used yarn (sugar and cream brand) to tie around and make the 'bow tie' and then I attached a long piece of yarn through the back and tied it in a bow around the napkin. Done! :)

My centerpiece was just some mason jars I had on hand, some ribbon, and some fake fall foliage. Very simple, but nice. The dishes I used were inherited from my grandparents. The plates have strawberries on them and the glasses have gold leaf leaves on them. Very nice!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I know we did!! :)



  1. you did an amazing job! I am passing this on... love it!

  2. Wow, that is stunning! So talented!