Awkward & Awesome

I'm going to do something a little new today, I'm going to join in the Awkward/Awesome Thursday trend and share some things with you. My life is both highly awkward and awesome so hey, why not?


Last night at yoga class (yays!) I chose my spot next to my new friend Jeannie (who complimented me on my lovely crocheted cowl (you can get one here) and said she knits!) and just so happened to be right behind the spot where YogaMan chose to place his mat. Now, I admire YogaMan. He's flexible, zen, nice, and lives the life. He also smelled like he poured an entire bottle of sandalwood and pine all over his body before he came in. His first move was to get into a lotus position and then face-plant onto his mat and do some weird cobra pose (see Stela? I'm learning, I really am!). I'm sure this is a really great stretch, but for the observer: it's frightening. I was afraid for his facial regions. Nevertheless, he survived his stretchty-stretchy, and we moved onto class. Not 10 minutes later, he farted the most smelliest SBDs that ever existed. Don't get me wrong, everyone farts in pilates and yoga class, but not everyone smells like the sewage treatment plant when they do so. It was continuous. I'm so glad he has a good digestive system and apparently a very active colon. I, however, was unable to properly breathe at times because it was so overwhelming. I hope that maybe next time he lays off the broccoli a little bit. Just for the sake of whoever is behind him in yoga class.

Also, I think I fell asleep during Savasana in class last night. I really have no idea what was going on until she said 'turn on your sides when you're ready' and I barely heard her say that.

Going to pick up the kid I 'babysit' on Mondays at rehearsal with dog in tow and having the dog leap out of the car while the kid tries to get in the car, block traffic in/out of the parking lot while trying to corral my brood, all while wearing wide-leg yoga pants (nope, different day from the yoga day - judge away) tucked into my pink plaid wellies, and a high school sweatshirt (my 10 year reunion is next year [EEEP!] - yep, I still wear them).

This attempt at photographing myself wearing the scarf that I worked so hard to make and the picture coming out looking like I want to murder something.
And we wonder why I'm not married yet?
Watching a man tuck 2 SoCo bottles into his pants in an attempt to disguise the fact that he had 2 SoCo bottles in his possession while his elderly father loaded his arms with 4+ 24oz bottles of boozey, malty deliciousness. We were not fooled SoCo Man, not fooled at all. If only he had been handing out invites to the party. Although, I'm not sure anyone would have wanted to go. Unless they were playing dominoes. That's always a draw.

Sending a message to the person I bought my Christmas card stamp from inquiring as to where it is and then realizing it came from Canada and the customs agents are probably using it to stamp passports now. *sigh* Canadians.

My boss singing 'Movin' On Up' as she goes up the stairwell to the second floor of our office. I don't think she knows I could hear her.


Seeing a conversion van on 22s. Yep, I really saw that. Yes, it was in the town where I live.

Making gingerbread houses and putting up my tree.

My best friend since I was like 5 wrote a novel. Yep, a whole novel. Well, it's not done yet but it's almost there. She asked me to help her edit it. *squee*

I paid off a bill last month and got an updated account statement and it said:
Total Minimum Payment Due: $0.00
Payment Due Date: 12/23/11
YEOW!! I feel good *dunnaanananananana* I knew that I would now *dunnaanananananana*...

The fact that I can go to yoga class because my muscles had almost forgotten how much they love yoga. Now they remember and are a little sore, but are happy I went back. My mind is also happy because I slept like a baby for the first time in Lord knows how long. Note to self: never stop going to yoga class. Also, start going to step class. Kate and Chris might hunt me down if I don't go soon.

So, there you go. Awesome and Awkward. Awkward and Awesome. I'm saving some of these tidbits for my memoir that will someday be written by myself and my aforementioned friend who wrote the novel. We have a working title: Note to Self: It all started when someone sh!t outside my office door.

That story is saved for another day.

Until then...

Much love and awkwardness.


  1. pfft, I don't wonder why you're not married yet. I wonder why no one has realized that you're the best thing to happen to their world yet.

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  3. LOL, I loved this! Too funny. Just found your blog & I LOVE it!