On the sixth day of Christmas...

On this sixth day of Christmas, I'm going to share 6 memories from this past year.

First, there was this one time that I was in Target with JJ and Brandi and something got me excited (it doesn't usually take much - shopping with me can either be super annoying or super entertaining, my ADHD kicks in and I'm all over the place...literally) so I was doing my 'happy dance' and some kid in my vicinity says in a worried tone 'mommy? Why is that lady doing that?' The mother's response, I do not recall. Funny stuff.

Second, I won a contest for World's Best Cat Litter with the. cutest. picture. ever.

Third, I made our Halloween costumes and had so much fun creating them.

Fourth, I successfully cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family. AND it was delicious! :)
Apron from See Kate Sew
Fifth, Brandi, JJ, a friend from church and her 2 daughters, and I went up to Cleveland to do a photo shoot to benefit Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation. So much fun!

Sixth, I got to spend so much quality time with great friends and family this year. I wouldn't trade that for the world.

My dear friend Diana came to visit me all the way from NorCal. :)

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