What is Saxophone Christmas?!?!

This past weekend was insanely busy! Saturday was the annual Saxophone Christmas (a Heyburn family tradition that we just keep going - besides, can't let the tubas have all the fun!), and then Raj and I went to my friend Suzy's for our Christmas card photo session.

We counted around 65 saxophones this year. That's a few more than last year! Every year we get a couple more. :) My grandfather would be so happy we've continued this tradition and his hard work. I played the sleigh bells for Jingle Bells, as always, and sang How Can I Keep From Singing with the ensemble and my dad (on Alto). I love that part of the Christmas season and always look forward to it. It's so fun to spend time cherishing the memories and spending time as a family to celebrate the tradition my grandfather started.

Raj LOVED Suzy. Granted, he loves almost all humans, but he had so much fun playing with her and giving kisses. He even knocked off some ornaments from her tree. lol He got to meet his almost-twin dog and run across the street to talk to the neighbor's dog. We got some really cute pictures and I can't wait to see them!! Christmas cards will be a little late this year and not handmade, but still created with love. I'll be using an Etsy designer, so in a way they are handmade as someone took the time and love to design them and someone else took the time and love to photograph. :)

On Sunday, after church, Raj and I went up to PetsMart for photos with Santa. It was pretty fun! He didn't really want to sit down until I sat down so the picture has us both in it. He was so excited to see all the people and dog friends there. I'm excited to get our Christmas cards done so we can go take one up to his groomer. :) She's such a sweetie. I swear she does extra stuff for him because she says he's her favorite. She uses the apple and oatmeal shampoo on him so it soothes his itchy skin and then she lets him hug her while she clips his nails. So sweet!!

After that, I took Raj home, hung out for a little bit, then went over to Brandi and Tony's to say hi. It seems like I never see them anymore! :( But that's ok. We still talk every day. :) Julie and I are going on a date on Saturday to paint ornaments at All Fired Up. I've invited Brandi to come too, since she's off work, so we'll see who all goes with me. We also started the planning (on paper) for JJ's 2nd birthday party. I can't believe that baby is going to be 2!! Wow.

Here are a few photos from my phone from this last week/weekend. :)
1. Snuggly pets on a Sunday Morning; 2. Snow dog; 3. Creepy journal at BAM; 4. Sad little worm at BAM.

1. Brandi's new wreath; 2. On the way to see Santa; 3. Naan pizza (recipe on Friday at CG2!!); 4. My new wreath.
Well, that's about all my weekend. I had a blast. I hope you had a good weekend too!!


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