Awkward and Awesome: 2012 style.


Coming out of savasana and having YogaMan's foot in my face. Totally awkward. Especially since I really hate feet. Even patchouli scented ones.

Going to pick up some stuff from a woman through freecycle and the house was full of dogs, cats, ferrets, strange plants, fish tanks, cigarette smoke, and the giant flat screen tv was set to LMN. Oh, the 'daughter' who answered the door was dressed in breast cancer awareness pajamas with a boot on one foot and a cigarette in one hand. The 'husband' type person was mullet-man with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth the entire time he was around. There were bowls of cat food on every level of the porch and cats climbing all over the property. Then the woman says to me 'I discovered that 5 year olds and poof chairs don't mix'. I still don't understand that statement. Oh well.

Realizing that I've listened to Mr. Big sing 'Wild World' over 20 times in one day.

My bff saying 'you really are bitter' and realizing how right she is and that I don't want to be that person. I have to un-bitter myself ASAP.

Check out my other blog Crafty Girl Squared on Monday for info about this project!

Yoga practice with the modifications I worked on with Stela.

Starting and finishing 3 sewing projects in one day.

Only having to put on jeans to go to the post office and the pharmacy.

My dog is legitimately gaining weight. I can see it. We might get up to 60lbs soon. Seeing as he's supposed to weigh 70-75, that's great!

Tomorrow is Friday.

Watching Murder, She Wrote all day.

Having a friend who will tell me the truth even when it hurts.


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  1. Everyone deserves to be a little bitter now and again. (: