10AM, Buttons, Dinner, Sun

Day 5. 10AM (actually taken on Day 6, but I was in Sunday School on Day 5 at 10am so that wasn't an option.)
Day 6. Dinner. I ate multi-grain cheereos for dinner because we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch and I was still full from that so I ate light for dinner.
Day 7. Buttons. This is a jar of buttons I inherited from my Grandma when I got her sewing machine and table. Pop (my grandfather) wrote this on top. He was a very organized man - had all his little nicknacks in Velveeta boxes that were labeled with the contents. Silly guy. I miss them.
Day 8. Sun. There's no sun today. It's cloudy, overcast, gray, and snowy outside. Perfect weather for me! I wish I was home snuggling, though! Anyway, this is a picture I took in PA of the sun and it's the only one I had on my phone so I'm using it. Unfortunately, I don't have anything at my desk that has a sun on it for an alternative picture so oldie, it is.

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