Day 3 of building

This morning we went to the other site to help them out a bit. They needed a few more people for their bucket line. We moved sand with them into the trench, then went back to our site and joined the 'older adults' (as they call us the 'younger adults') and finished putting up the framing and rebar for the  roof so it can be poured on Friday!

For lunch we had a really delicious chicken dish that had peppers, potatoes, and spices in it, frijoles, arroz, tortillas, y jugo. Everything was so great! Rosa is such a sweet lady. She's so kind and wonderful, I love that we get to work on her house.

Funny thing that happened today: we had to climb on the roof to work on the frame and Melissa is scared of heights so I was trying to tell Rigo that she was afraid and I knew I would say the wrong word so I said it slowly. I said 'ella tiene mierda' instead of 'ella tiene miedo' and he busted up laughing and Carol corrected me immediately. Oops! I said she's full of poop not fear! Haha. Oh well, at least I'm trying to use my Spanish, and not doing too badly at it either.

This morning we went to the Iglesia Catolico down the street for their Ash Wednesday service. It was so nice to be with them for their service. The school kids came in and joined in the fun, too. I'm so glad we're in such a warm and welcoming community.

Anyway, I've got to get to bed now. I'm really tired and trying to eradicate a migraine so as always, I hope you're all well and I send my love to you from here.

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  1. Anonymous24/2/12 10:15

    So funny! Keep up the good work! Roberta