Day 4 of building

Today we went to the other group's site to help them finish the foundation. We poured cemento in the foundation and then started on the rebar brackets. Tomorrow we will all go to our site and pour the roof for Rosa. We had burritos for lunch with arroz and jugo.
After work we came back and cleaned up quickly (Ariel had to help scrub the cemento off my back - true friends!) and went to have dinner with Christina, Juan, Laura, Melanie, y Angelica. We worked on their houses two different years and try to visit with them as much as we can. They're super sweet and wonderful!
After dinner we stopped at Waldo's. We always stop there for our souviners. We're now back at the posada and I'm going to read and get some sleep. My back is super sore from hauling cemento, but I'm so proud to say that only girls dipped and started the line. No boys dipped! We're awesome! Haha. (Dipping = pulling the cemento from the canoe [the container that holds it after it's dumped from the mixer] and pouring into the buckets for the line to start.)
Much love to you all. I'm having a great time here but am glad to be home soon. I miss you guys, but my pets most of all!


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