Circle Skirts, Rompers, and Headwraps, OH MY!

Since I finally found all the parts for my sewing machine, I've been trying to attack a number of projects on my list. Not easy since I have a lot of yard work and unpacking left to do, but I'm working on a balance there.

I am a part time nanny for 4 month old twins and a 3 year old. They are sheer delight. I love spending time with them even though it's insanely exhausting because someone is always demanding attention. Twins are not easy! But I still love spending my days with them. :) Their parents are super sweet too. The mother is the organist at my church and I've known her for a number of years. The father, I've known since I was in high school and he helped out with the youth group at one of my former churches (one of about 13, if my count is correct; being the musician's and pastor's kid definitely gets you a list of churches you've attended). Anyway, onto what I made them:

 Two circle skirts and a tie from bandannas! I picked these bandannas up at Pat Catan's for $1 each and I knew I had to make something for these kids. The girls are fraternal twins so they don't look alike, but it's still fun to dress them alike. I wanted to give their older brother something cute to match with their outfits so this is what I did!

 I sort of used a tutorial/pattern from Dana from MADE. I love all her tutes and patterns. The pattern she has is a little too small for these girls since they're 4mo and hers was for 0-3mo. But I added some length and took a little extra off the middle and it worked great for me.

 The tie was created using this tutorial on Sharing the Wealth. It's a really good tute and I loved how the tie turned out. I only wish I had gotten the points to line up a bit better. Oh well, there's always next time! :)

 I really love how they turned out. I just did a little zig zag stitch on the edge to finish them off, but in hindsight, I could have left it without cutting because they would have been the right length and then it would have been a funky hem-line.

I also whipped up a romper for my little cousin's first birthday! I used a pattern/tutorial that was Brandi's but had to make a few adjustments and did a few things differently, too. I really only used the pattern/tute as a guide on this because the measurements for it were too small for the waist measurement of my cousin. Nevertheless, I think it turned out SUPER cute and I can't wait to see her in it!

 I used a vintage sheet for the fabric. I cut it on the bias so it has a bit of stretch to it. It's also likely a little big for her, but that means she can wear it a bit longer.

 The bias tape was from my Grandma Stevic's stash. She had the same birthday as my cousin Rob who is uncle to the sweet girl who will get this gift.

 Detail of the hem on the legs.

Such a cute project! I can't wait to give it to her tomorrow. :)

I also finished up a very special order and got it listed in the shop. My dear friend Theresa in New Zealand (!!! need to visit her !!!) wanted a cloche hat and headwrap after she saw one of my previous blog posts (during our winter here, which is just starting there - WEIRD!). I was in the process of moving so I was slow going on the project and just finally finished it.

 She wanted chocolate brown and cream. I got these yarns from Hobby Lobby and they're both all cotton. I love the feel of them!

 This is a Micah Makes pattern. I tested it and have loved it so much that I keep making it for other people (my mom, the dog groomer, etc.). It's called the Hugs & Kisses Headwrap. If you don't know about Micah Makes and her patterns, you better get over to her site and check her out. I LOVE her patterns. I have a few of them and covet all the rest. She's super sweet and a really great pattern-maker.

The pattern for this flower can be found here and the pattern for the cloche is here. Although, I don't really use the cloche pattern except to remind me how to do the brim.

So, that's what I've been creating this week/weekend. I hope that you in the States remember those who served this weekend and not just to turn the bratwurst and those elsewhere, I hope you enjoy your weekend and have a great week. :)

Happy crafting,


  1. You've been busy! I LOVE the circle skirts! And the matching tie!!! Darling! These would be so cute for a photo shoot! Ahhhh the cuteness is killing me!!!!!