Akron Glassworks Christmas Ornaments

I have a wonderful group of friends and one of those lovely ladies is Helen. She's a real treat to be around. She's fun, spunky, and just a joy to be friends with. 

Akron Glassworks does classes a few times a year and she had taken one before and asked if I wanted to join in on the fun for the Christmas ornament class. Oh yes! I had blown glass before during a school trip or something like that (terrible memory) and I love the look of blown glass, so I was eager to be a part of this.

We got to make two ornaments. One clear, and one colored. It was a lot of fun!!

We are going to make heart paperweights on Sunday, and I can't wait!!

The below picture is rolling the color onto the glass.

Helen working the pincher things (which is not what they're called, but that's what we call them).

Finishing up.

And here is what my ornaments look like after cooling. I love them! I may leave them up all year 'round!

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