Can you hear the buzzing?

Neo snuggling on the chair while I work away in my studio. He's the best companion!
I've been working a lot lately, especially on things at home. Knitting and cross stitch have been my main time consumers, but I have a lot of sewing that needs to get done. I thought I would update you all on what's been happening around here in an effort to be better about blogging my progress.

I've entered a lot of swaps this year, the Instagram ones have dragged me in with their siren calls. I've also had the great joy of being a part of an OHCraft birthday club! This means I have a lot to balance on my plate, but I seem to be keeping up, if not a little ahead on those things so I can catch up on my backlog of things I owe people.

First up: my birthday was in February, right before I left for Mexico (I'll update that in another post, I promise!) so I got most of my birthday club gifts after I got back. It made for a really nice homecoming!!

Clockwise from top left:
1. Those photos from Chrissy are already hanging in my bedroom and look amazing!!
2. I use the pin cushion jar from Missy every time I sew.
3. The tea, fabric, and sooooo cute swimmy envelopes from Carrie are right up my alley - I have been drinking that tea almost every evening and it's delish!! I think I'll use the echino London print in my England quilt that I'm planning (so much England fabric in my stash! I love it!!).
4. The present from Heidi has mostly been used already, too. I use that Browns duct tape all the time, the chapstick is already in my purse, and the Game of Thrones guys went on the trip to Mexico with me. She also made me that lovely hoop that looks so much like Aneela Hooey's Little Red Riding Hood and I LOVE it!! When I was little I went to school as Little Red Riding Hood for my birthday and passed out treats to my classmates. That hoop is hanging in my bedroom on my newly constructed collage wall. She also made me a knitting bag that goes over your arm - I LOVE it! So functional and perfect for knitting socks on the go!

Here's a better look at Tiny Tyrion and Tiny Jon Snow:

Then, Amanda sent me this package:
You guys, this is me, in a box. It's amazing! She made me a Union Jack pillow with England fabric and sent me the bits leftover so I could add that to my stash! Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, London print, a book, candy, snacks for Neo (!!), soap...so much awesome.

This birthday club is the best idea ever!! I'm so glad I joined it - I got such great gifts and I'm so happy to have gotten to know these 5 ladies better!!

I'll end this post with the other gift I received when I got back and that's the swap I did at the beginning of the year. It was called "Bitches Get Stitches" and it was supposed to be a little vulgar. If you know me, you know that I've not got the cleanest vocabulary. I swear quite a bit. But I do mind myself around the public and generally keep my vulgarity for those close to me. Nevertheless, this mini quilt I received is AMAZING. It's so perfect. It's hanging in my bedroom right inside the door and I love looking at it every day!

The doll is a "Dammit Doll" and you're supposed to whack it on something and shout "dammit dammit dammit" until you feel better. It really works!! The giant gummy bear was eaten in about five minutes, and that bakers twine is just waiting for the perfect parcel to be wrapped up in it.

I've had such great luck with all the things I've gotten this year - I'm so grateful to have this community of makers who supports and encourages you. I had a tough couple months here and I'm so glad to know that there are others out there who are just as weird as I am. :)

Next update will be some knitting progress, then Easter/Easter Swap, and then I'll get to Mexico 2015. Until then, I leave you with sleepy Neo:

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