Photo Challenge Day 29

Today's photo challenge is: purchased.

I snagged this jersey at the thrift store for $3 and am going to sew it up so it fits him properly. He's going to wear it when we go visit friends in Indy in a couple weeks and go to the Browns v. Colts game. :)

Side note: I'm blogging over at Crafty Girl Squared today! Check out our first Made it Monday post!


Photo Challenge Day 28

Today's photo challenge was: daily routine.

This is my dog Raj giving me a hug. He gives me a hug every day (just after I snagged this he put one paw on each side of my head and laid his down in the crook of my neck - where it is in this picture). He paws at my arm until I move it so he can sneak in for a hug. Such a sweet pup. :) He also gave Aunt Brandi hugs later on in the day.

Make sure you check out Crafty Girl Squared tomorrow. We're debuting our new scheduled posts with the first ever Made it Monday!

Also, go on over to this website and check it out. A local family here in Akron is struggling to take care of their sweet baby girl. She's got a congenital heart disease and her family is currently in Michigan (while maintaining a home here in Akron) trying to save her life. Do what you can. Financial assistance and a multitude of prayers are needed.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. :)

Photo Challenge Day 27

The photo challenge for Day 27 was: after dark.

I snagged this pic last night when I was hanging out with my good friend Katja. We sat on the back deck for hours just talking and looking at pictures from my trip to Germany in 2005. We had such a great time reminiscing and catching up on each other's lives. I'm so glad she had time to visit with me - it was such a joy to see her again!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


Photo Challenge Days 25 and 26

Sorry for neglecting my post yesterday, but I was down with a migraine so rough I couldn't even think straight! I did take the picture, though.

Photo Challenge Day 25: sunflare

This is from my back door. It was super cloudy yesterday so this was a 'quick! the sun is out!' picture, but I really love the cooler weather and rainy days.

Day 26: something old

When I inherited my Grandma H's sewing machine, I got the table and all its contents too. In the drawers were a number of jars containing buttons and other sorts of small things. Pop (my grandfather) was a very organized man, and he wrote, in his perfect penmanship, on the containers what their contents were. This is one of the containers he personalized. I'm sure that the 56 has some sort of significance (maybe there were 56 buttons? maybe he did this in 1956? I'm not sure.), but the fact that I have this bit of them is something special to me. I'm a pretty nostalgic and emotional gal so it makes me really happy to know I have these things to hold on to.

Unrelated: Crafty Girl Squared's blog has been updated with our antics for the evening! Check it out!!

Hope you all have a swell weekend. I have a good friend from Germany visiting tomorrow! Yay!! I haven't seen her in about 6 years. :( I can't wait to see her. She's such a good friend and I have such great memories of our time together.

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 24

Today's photo challenge is: a smile.

Aaaaand there you have it. Hope you had a great wednesday! I need to get my butt in gear and get cracking on some projects!

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 23

Today's photo challenge is: sunset.

I love this picture. I'm pretty glad I was able to snag it. The sky looked sooooo gorgeous tonight! I am loving this cooler weather - makes for cuddling with the pets a lot more fun because we're not all sticky and hot! :)

Last night I was a busy busy bee! I finished one project, started another and finished it! I'm pretty proud of myself! I mentioned this last night, but in case you're new (and I hope I have new readers other than my family and close friends...lol), I finished a Current Read Protective Sleeve for my friend Josefina (you can see pics of it when she gets it), and then I made two leeeeeettle tineeeee mouses for a coworker and myself. They're wrist rests for our computer mice!! Check it:

We LOVE them! It was so nice today to not have to remember to keep my wrist up when using the mouse so my carpal tunnel syndrome doesn't get worse and/or act up. Next up: keyboard cat! No, not that one...this one! :) (PS: I was on the phone while taking those pictures. Yep - thank goodness for self-timers on cameras!!)

Finally, I discovered the coolest thing a while ago when I was cutting fabric for my friend Mary's pillow covers. I can use the leaf in my dining room table as a cutting guide!! Check this out:

How cool is that?! It's like I've got my own Jo-Ann's cutting table right here in my own house!! :)

Ok, I'm off to bed. I have shows to catch up on and I spent all evening with my girls (dinner with Momma and cookies/movie with Brandi and JJ). Hope you're all swell!

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 22

Today's photo challenge is: trees.

These are my trees in my front yard. The closer one is the Japanese Maple, and the further one is the Chinese Maple. They were mother's day presents from my siblings to my mom a number of years ago. It's been fun to watch them grow!

Unrelated: I finished TWO projects tonight! Yay inspiration!! Current Read Protective Sleeve for Josefina and Leeeetle Tineeee Mice for my mouse wrist to rest on at work. Pics to come later. Don't want to spoil the surprise. :)

Hope you all had a great Monday! Happy crafting!

Photo Challenge Day 21

Today's (well, yesterday's) photo challenge: pretty pattern.

My friend Lindsey made these for me. I love the pattern the yarn created for itself. I also love that they keep my hands warm for typing!! :) I now have two pair of handwarmers at my desk thanks to awesome friends.

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Days 19 & 20

Day 19's photo challenge: where I slept.

I love my bed. It's so comfy and is the first bed I ever bought for myself. Memory foam mattress, soft sheets that were dried on the line outside, and a comfy light-weight blanket for the summer. In the winter I add a featherbed topper and a big fluffy down comforter. :)

Day 20's photo challenge: what I read.

Currently reading: Naked by David Sedaris. I *LOVE* David Sedaris. He is an incredible writer and has a way with words that leaves me wanting more every time I finish a book. His recollections are insanely thought-provoking and hysterical at the same time.

Unrelated: this has been a great weekend. I had a good week at work, then yesterday went with my Aunt to hear my dad play in the Dominic Greco Band in New Philly, then today I had a road-trip with Jess to Columbus to hang out with Lindsey, et al., and have a rip-roaring good time. Tomorrow I've got church in the morning (think the girls are coming with me, too!) and then taking two sweet little girls and two pups to the park to play! Yay great weekends.

As far as crafting goes, I've gotten a lot done on the scrap map I'm making for my sister's classroom, and I almost finished a current read protective sleeve for my friend Josefina in Seattle. I've got a lot going on right now, but I'm really enjoying everything I'm doing. :) I hope you're all doing well!

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 18

Today's photo challenge is: in my bag.

The bag is made by me (you can get your own here), I always carry a book with me (in a Current Read Protective Sleeve), my wallet, poop bag dispenser for walks with the pup, headband (also made by me), sunglasses (love the aves!!), and Spock (a necessity for any bag...he's actually headed for my desk at work. lol).

Unrelated to the above: I've entered a giveaway over at Hannah Handmade! She's donating money to the winner's favorite charity!! If you haven't been reading, my favorite charity is charity: water. I've been in love with them for a few years now and have done lots of fundraising for them. Currently, we're preparing a line inspired by their work to sell and donate 100% of the profit to them! So go check out Hannah Handmade and charity: water!

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Days 15, 16, and 17

Day 15:  photo challenge is: my shoes.

I've been wearing these babies every day since I got them. :)

Day 16: what I ate
I made tacos for dinner. Yum!! :)

Day 17: on the shelf
This is just one of the many shelves in my house that has books on it. Actually, this is my mantel. I absolutely love books. Can't ever have enough! I also always carry one around with me in a Current Read Protective Sleeve. Hey - go check out my etsy site and buy one for yourself! :)

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 14

Today's photo challenge is: flowers.

I love Queen Anne's Lace flowers, especially when they have the little purple bud in the middle. They're so simple and pretty. Snagged this on a walk. :)

In other news, I finished 2 projects today. I feel rather accomplished. I also had dad help me move the sewing machine/table upstairs to further the transformation of a spare room to a craft room. I'm enjoying being up there. Can't wait to move the computer, et al. up there so I have the whole living room to rearrange furniture in! :)

Hope you all had a splendid weekend! Enjoy your week.

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 13

Today's photo challenge is: from a distance. (Thanks Sherry, now I have Bette Midler stuck in my head...)

This was shot on the way home from PA for the Leonard Family Reunion on my cell phone. Not too shabby for a cell phone picture.

Speaking of the reunion...it was AWESOME. As always. I love the family reunions because I get to see family I don't see often and spend quality time with them. It's nice to see how we all grow and change over the years. They're great people and I'm so glad they're part of my family. Dad and I went with Raj in tow (he was a HUGE hit with everyone!) and had a nice time chatting in the car on the way to and from, and seeing various family members.

Now, off to bed with me. Church in the morning!

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 12

Today's photo challenge is: close up. I wanted to wait until I got home from work to take this picture because my TOMS shoes were delivered today!! YAY!

I absolutely LOVE them! They're super comfy and fit like a glove! I can't wait to order some of the wedges!

Hope you're all having a great start to your weekend. I'm off to spend time with friends before my Dad comes to stay for the weekend!

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 11

Today's photo challenge is: something fun!

My boss-lady has the most adorable twins EVER. Q&A are so stinking cute! I love them. Their birthday is coming up soon so I decided they need capes. :) A will get one that is pretty and princess reversible with a hood, and Q will get one that's a bit more boy reversible with no hood and a Dracula-esque neckline. I can't wait to dig in and make them!! I have so many projects on the table right now it's crazy! I have lots of things to get done by the end of the month. Hope I can pull it off!! :)

Happy crafting!


Meig from A to Zed

I remember when the internet was new and these surveys went out all over the place. :) Well, found one at a couple blogs I follow so here it is. :)

A. age - 26

B. bed size - full

C. chore you hate - scrubbing the toilet

D. dogs - RAJ!

E. essential start to your day - COFFEE

F. favorite color - red!

G. gold or silver - silver, but gold looks better with my skin tone.

H. height - 5'5"

I. instruments you play - vocal chords, violin, and piano (although, I haven't played the last two in a while)

J. job title - Legal Assistant

K. kids - not yet!!

L. live - Akron, OH :)

M. maiden name - Heyburn

N. nicknames - Meig, Gigen, Gigs, Giggi, Meigs, and a secret one my parents use

O. overnight hospital stays - when I was an itty bitty baby

P. pet peeve - ignorance and misuse of the English language

Q. quote
- "Be yourself, that's all there is of you."

R. righty or lefty - righty

S. siblings - 2 older sibs. One of each.

T. time you wake up - 7:15am on weekdays

U. university attended - Mount Union College, Universidad de Puerto Rico, University of Brighton, Lorain County Community College, and The University of Akron (only 2 degrees though  BA from MUC and MA from UA - the rest were study abroad or random summer classes)

V. vegetables you dislike -WAX BEANS

W. what makes you run late - Raj when he won't go pee, or myself. I'm forever late. :(

X. x-rays you’ve had - teeth, ankle, and I think that's it.

Y. yummy food - piƱa colada from Rita's

Z. zoo animal favorite - MONKEYS! And the peacocks.

Photo Challenge Day 10

Today's photo challenge is: something I made. I make a lot of things and most of which are posted to this blog so I decided to post a picture of the dinner I made on Monday.

My favorite pizza! Fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, vine ripened tomatoes, a little EVOO, and the best pizza shells EVER (they're vegan!) combine to create this masterpiece:

I hope you're all eating well! I know I am. Happy Wednesday and I hope the rest of your week goes well! I got all the patches sewed last night so tonight I'm heading over to Brandi's to make some chair packs for the same person whose boys' shirts I put patches on! Woohoo!

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 9

Today's photo challenge is: faceless self-portrait.

I made these pants out of a tshirt. I LOVE the Cubbies. :)

Hope you're all having a swell week! I just finished ripping patches off school shirts for boys from church. Now to sew them on the new shirts!! Hoping I can finish this project tonight and check it off my list!

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 8

Today's challenge: technology.

I don't like technology, well it doesn't really like me. But this guy has been with me through thick and thin. Presidental elections and a stint of bad judgment with Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I love this tv. Even though most people think it's to small, I think it's perfect. :)


Photo Challenge Day 7

Whew! A whole week of the photo challenge!! This is fun! :) Today's challenge: something new.

Friday I went up to Borders to see if I could find a book for someone else. I absolutely LOVE David Sedaris. His books are incredible! So I snagged these two for 30% off. :)

I can't wait to get to them on my list of unread books. They're bound to have me laughing out loud and enjoying every page!

BTW: current read is The Alchemist. It's also safely tucked away in a Current Read Protective Sleeve of my own creation. Check out our Etsy store to buy your very own, or one of our other creations! :)

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 6 (and Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!)

Well, here we are at Day 6 of the photo challenge. Today is: childhood memory.

Yep. Those are my Big Birds. The one on the left is Bird and the one on the right is Bird's Cousin. My maternal Grandmother gave these to me when I was a baby. I also have a Cookie Monster, but he was not the preferred character. Clearly, Bird was loved A LOT. He still is. I took Bird with me EVERYWHERE. As a result, he often got left places. That's where Bird's Cousin came into the picture. He would come visit when Bird was away on 'vacation' until he returned to the roost. Then Bird's Cousin flew away to his home to stay until the next time I left Bird somewhere. Little did I know that Bird's Cousin was just stuffed in my parents' bedroom closet that whole time.

I know he looks gross, but he's not. Plus: he's mine. He's my buddy. He slept by my side for 20-some odd years. He's gone to college with me, grad school with me (well, not to classes, but he lived with me when I was there), England, Puerto Rico, and so many more places. He's seen the world when I saw the world. My best bud.

So there you have it. My childhood memory for you. It's a memory of friends forever and family who love me enough to get me Bird (and his Cousin) and then bring him back to me whenever he was lost.

On another note: today is my parents' 28th wedding anniversary. (It's also my cousin's 6th wedding anniversary!) Happy Anniversary to them. Thanks for getting married because I'm glad I'm here and have you both for parents. I love you more than words can express and am so thankful that I'm your child. Here's to 28 more. :)

Hope you all are having a splendid weekend! I know I am!!

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 5

Whew!! I a whole week of work under my belt! I am tired, but sooo sooo happy that I'm back to work and working with great people. :)

Today's photo challenge is: someone you love. That's a bit difficult; I love lots of someones. I love my family, friends, pets, all the kids in my life, and myself. That is probably a bit too many people to post pictures of them all! Nonetheless, I picked one person to feature. Her mom and dad said I can post her beautiful face so here she is:

That's my Goddaughter Julie. She's my precious little bean. I don't have any human babies, so my friends lend me theirs to squeeze, spoil, and love unconditionally. I can't believe that a year and a half ago she was so tiny she fit in the crook of my arm. Now she's soooo big! We love to play the laughing game and she thinks it's hilarious that my feet are ticklish. :)

I hope you all had a great work week! Enjoy the weekend!

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 4

Today's picture for the photo challenge is: your favorite color.

I'm sure you can figure it out from there. :)

In related news: tonight we're opening our Etsy shop! Make sure you check it out because there's some pretty awesome stuff in there!

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 3

Day three of the photo challenge is clouds. It's super rainy here today so there are a lot of clouds, but they're all grey and gross. I got some of them breaking a bit, but it's a crappy picture because it's a crappy kind of day. I left the photo raw because this is what I see when I look outside.

Completely unrelated, today I got a birthday email from PetsMart re: my cat Tigger. The one who died last October. :( I guess I need to update my profile so they don't send me those anymore. But now I miss my baby. I'm adding two pictures of him to this post because he was an awesome cat and the pictures I post below are a better representation of my photography abilities. Above is just crap on a platter.

Sweetest kitty on the planet. He's always missed. Now I'm off to find a hug and a beer.

Happy crafting!


Photo Challenge Day 2

Day two of the photo challenge is 'what I wore'. So here's what I wore today!

 Shoes are from DSW. I think they're by Katie & Kelly or something like that. I bought them eons ago so the inside is pretty well worn.
Shirt is from Old Navy a couple years ago. I love how it fits on me, especially now that my core is a bit more slender, too! Khakis are from Old Navy, recent purchase for the new jobbie!

Happy Crafting!!


Photo Challenge Day 1

I've decided to do the photo challenge from over at Oh So Lovely. Day one is a photo of yourself. So, here it is!!

I made this dress out of a sheet. I absolutely love it. Got lots of compliments on my FIRST DAY BACK TO WORK!! :)

Hope you all had a great day! :) This whole month is a photo a day. So keep up if you want!

Happy crafting.